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1. Is þín níwu bóc sóþlíce wicibóc?

  • Frum weorc sceolde gán tó Wikisource.
  • Co-operative fictional writing should go to Novelas/Fiction Wikicity.
  • Travel-Guides should go to WikiTravel.
  • Each chapter of a Wikibook can be rewritten, altered, improved by others, chapters can be changed in order, added, deleted, etc..
  • Have a look at what other Wikibooks are about.

2. Gestendeþ séo bóc oþþe sum ilce?

  • It is easier to build on existing books than to start a new one.
  • Check on the bookshelves if similar books exist, or if your content could be part of an existing wikibook.

3. Are you willing to support the new book?

  • There exist many books that have a great introduction paragraph, but not more. Are you willing to write a substantial part of the book by yourself?

4. Béo beald, ofgá þá bóc

Gif þína andswara sind: GIESE, NESE, GIESE, þonne ofgá þá bóc:

Tó ofgánne bóc, first make sure this book does not already exist. If it doesn't, first make the contents/cover page. Name the title what you would like the book to be called, choose a short and descriptive title, but not abbreviations. Create the page the way you want it, and save it.

Next, you have to make it available to other users. Of course, people can see it on Recent Changes, but this will eventually go away, so you need to put it in a bookshelf. Go to the bookshelves, and put your book into a bookshelf you choose. If you are not sure, choose the Miscellaneous bookshelf, and we will put it elsewhere if necessary.

Once you have gone to the page of the bookshelf you want to add your book to, add your book in the correct category (if applicable) in alphabetical order. Save that page and go back to the Main Page. To get your book by typing it in the search box or URL. Create all of the pages within that textbook as "Textbooktitle/Whateverthepageis" to avoid problems with other textbooks. See Wikibooks:Naming conventions for more.

You might also want to add the book to the list of new Wikibooks that appears on the main page. To get there, click on this link, or click "(edit template)" on the main page. Make a link to your page at the front, and follow the rest of the directions you see at the bottom of the source. Save that page.

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