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These book listings will appear on the main page. You can create, edit, and list the {{Goodbooc}} templates for the featured books at Wikibooks:Featured books/Templates‎. Templates from that page can be copied to here for display on the main page.

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Suma Grēata Bēc
The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg

Wicigeonga Sunnlicu Endebyrdnes

Ūterra rūm is gewēne sēo endemeste mearc tō menn. Furðum þēah þe sēo lāf þāra sunnlicre endebyrdnesse þinga þyncen gelīce smalum pricum of Eorðan ūte, ūserre tungollican nēahgebūras sind giet hefige þǣrymbe tō leornienne.

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